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Gatorbone Records June 2013 Update

Hey Folks! We wanted to send you the latest news from Gatorbone Records....  It's already a busy summer with quite a few records in the works, and with the addition of new artists Hananel, Frank Graham and The Wild Shiners. Simply delighted to welcome these wonderful singers, songwriters and musicians alike.


Also we have loaded video of some of the Gatorbone Records artists on our YouTube channel. Have a look HERECheck out what some of our musical family have been up to as well as some of their exciting summer plans.


Grant Peeples and Erik Alvar

Grant Peeples
Grant’s latest projects include a book of poetry with a companion audio CD, Grant’s Little Read Book of Poetry (yes, that’s how he spelled “read,”) and a live album with Sarah Mac (of the Sarah Mac Band) recorded at The Mockingbird Café in Tallahassee. Click HERE to hear a sample of the poetry.  He played both the Will McLean and Gamble Rogers Festivals, Monticello's Southern Music Rising, and has been playing his favorite Florida venues  all over the state. Now he’s gearing up for summer touring which includes performances at Roots on the River in Bellows Falls, VT, Anderson’s Fair in Houston, and for the 2nd year as a feature performer at the Woody Guthrie Folk Festival in Okemah, OK.  Click HERE to see a video sampler.


Frank Lindamood  

Frank's latest release, To Be As Gods, is another extraordinary group of songs from this multi-talented multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter. If you need ten more reasons to purchase this recording... please visit this link... 10 Reasons...

Frank is looking forward to his first west coast tour which carries him all the way to Hawaii!! Frank is partnering with native Tallahassean Michael Koppy, who transplanted himself to the San Francisco area a number of years ago. Michael began performing and recording in 2001 and his most recent album, Ashmore’s Store, has earned accolades in the U.S. and Europe where U.K.’s Country Music People called it one of the best albums of 2012. Their tour will include dates in Vancouver, Los Angelos, Hawaii, and more.  Frank has also been busy performing locally, as a feature performer at Southern Music Rising and the Florida Folk Festival. Frank is also a featured performer at the Sopchoppy 4th of July Celebration, along with Lis and Lon, the Curry Brothers, and Billy Dean. Click HERE to see Frank performing with the Curry Brothers at Florida Folk Festival this year.


Aaron O'Rourke
Aaron has begun his solo project at Gatorbone Studios, and it is going very well! Special guests so far include Gabe Valla and Jason Thomas as well as the Williamsons. Needless to say we're all tickled pink about that.  The Aaron O'Rourke Trio were featured performers at The Will McLean Festival in March (Will Fest).  Presently, Aaron is on a 2 month cross-country tour, making appearances at festivals and teaching seminars.  Click HERE to see a bit of the Trio's performance at Will Fest 2013.


Katie Geringer
Katie also has a solo project in the works at Gatorbone which is going swimmingly and is due to be ready for release later this year.  Click HERE to see Katie's performance with The Aaron O'Rourke Trio at Will Fest 2013.


Erik Alvar
The biggest news for Erik is that he is now a GRADUATE of the Florida State University School of Music. Congratulations Erik!! Somehow he managed to graduate with honors while balancing a gig as Grant Peeples’ perennial side man, completing a 14,000 mile tour last summer which included performances at the Centennial Celebration at The Woody Guthrie Folk Festival in Okemah, OK and the Triple Door in Seattle, WA. In other big news there was his contribution to the 2012 Aaron O’Rourke Trio release, Syzygy, which found its way to airplay on the nationally syndicated Thistle and Shamrock on NPR on more than one occasion. In addition, there were performances at The Will McLean Festival and the Florida Folk Festival. Erik was also one of a very select few chosen to participate in the Acoustic Music Seminar at the Savannah Music Festival, a collaboration with Mike Marshall, David Grisman, Jerry Douglas and Julian Lage.  Erik plans to take a year or two off before pursuing his Master’s Degree, traveling the country to see where his music will take him.  Click HERE to see the Trio at Will Fest 2013


Jim Carrick
Jim Carrick is a master picker, singer and songwriter. He recorded a wonderful release in 2012 which is available at Jim's live performances only at the moment. Stay tuned! Jim Carrick was a featured performer at the Gamble Rogers and Florida Folk Festivals. Jim will be performing at the Bob Patterson Tribute Show on Saturday, June 22nd and hosting a tribute concert to Gamble Rogers on June 30th at the Tradewinds. Please see the update about that at our music news.... 
Click HERE to see video of one of Jim's  2012 performances.


Rachel Carrick

Rachel Carrick is a amazing young lady and a gifted singer/songwriter and gitar picker to boot. Rachel has enjoyed  several festival performances this spring including the Gamble Rogers Festival and was a headliner on Saturday night at the Florida Folk Festival amphitheatre.  Big doin's!!! Click HERE to see a video of a performance selection. Her debut songwriting recording is a delight. Stay tuned for purchase information.


Dan Stevens

Dan was a featured performer at Southern Music Rising in Monticello, FL in April as well as The Sarasota Folk Festival in March and The Florida Folk Festival in May. He was also recently featured at the Sweetwater Organic Farm in Tampa. He is a prolific songwriter and we have completed two recordings for him, Rearview Mirrors and My Life of Adventure. Both recordings include the members of The Gatorbone Band as well as musical luminaries such as Chubby Carrier and Will Barrow. There's always another in the works with Dan as he just keeps on writing!  We very much look forward to presenting another of Dan's collections of tunes. 


Ed McFarland

Eddie Mac as he is known by friends and fans is a native of Port St. Joe, Florida. He is a gifted singer/songwriter and we are so pleased to present his debut songwriting recording, Coastal Memories, For The Girls. How bout that Speedo cover? Another artwork wonder by Rocky Tabyanan. This CD is filled with heartfelt tunes of home as well as ballads of heartbreak. It sure is full of love. You can purchase Ed's release right here.


Paul and Kay Garfinkel

Hey, here's a shot from a lovely concert at The Shake Rag last week featuring Paul and Kay Garfinkel. Twas terrific! Lon and I had a great time and it was wonderful to hear them at the new Shake Rag location in Melrose. Paul and Kay are planning to do more touring and house concerts coming up in the next few months, so please keep an eye out for their performances. Paul's release of Songs From Sand Lake remains a favorite not only of ourselves, but many other Florida folks! 


The Gatorbone Band

Congratulations to Lis Williamson who won first place in the 2013 Will McLean Song Contest with her original song F-L-O-R-I-D-A.  See the video HERE
The Gatorbone Band just completed a whirlwind mini tour in North Carolina the weekend of June 7-9 with shows in Apex and Little Switzerland.  Eric Searcy joined Lon and Lis for a house concert in Sparta NC forming a trio version of the Driftwoods. Lis and Lon are also involved in The Oklawaha County Jamboree project, presenting a new generation of artists performing songs that were written, recorded, or performed by Gamble Rogers. Lis is very happy to report they have exceeded their fundraising goal thanks to the generous donations of fans and friends of Gamble Rogers through Kickstarter. The funding effort ends tomorrow evening, June 22nd at the tribute concert for Bob Patterson. Lis and Lon will be joining Frank Lindamood as featured artists at the Sopchoppy Fourth of July Celebration along with the Curry Brothers and Billy Dean.


Bob Patterson

Bob and crew succeeded in pulling off another fabulous Gamble Rogers Folk Festival despite the weather!  As well as organizing, Bob was a featured performer there, as well as at The Florida Folk Festival. On June 22nd, Bob will be honored by the St. Augustine community and the Florida folk community as well with a tribute concert featuring Sam Pacetti, The Gatorbone Trio, Ron & Bari Litschauer, Jamie DeFrates and Susan Brown, The Sweetest Punch, Flagship Romance, Chuck Nash and Paradox. Shazayam!! Congrats Bob!!



Hananel is a new addition to the Gatorbone roster, expecting to release her debut album in November.  She is a singer-songwriter, described as the love child of Bob Dylan and Jewel.  By day she is coordinator of youth programs at The Thomasville Center for the Arts where she also teaches Theatre.  A founding member of the Red Hills Players, she is an active member of the southeastern Theatre scene. Hananel was the feature performer at the Americana Café Sunday series at Roberts Hall in Lynn Haven on June 9. Click HERE for a video clip of the Lynn Haven Americana Cafe Sunday show.


Frank Graham

Frank Graham is a prolific and extra groovy songwriter and gitar player. He is continuing work on his debut songwriting project featuring a host of guest players and singers.  It’s sounding great and we are so looking forward to the finished product coming up later on this year.


Elaine Mahon

Elaine Mahon celebrated the release of her new CD, RISE on May 11, 2013 to a packed house and standing ovation at the Sandhill Stage in Gainesville, Florida. Accompanied by members of the Gatorbone Band (Lon & Elisabeth Williamson, Jason Thomas & Gabe Valla) and a chorus which included her son Sam Mahon, along with Kim Blackburn and Beau McIntosh. Receiving 9.5/10 stars in a review by Freddie Celis of Rootstime Magazine, RISE rose to 11 on the FOLK DJ charts for February 2013. The title cut "Rise Up Singing," as well as  "Dust Tracks in the Road"  were included in the top played songs for February by the FOLK DJ group. Congratulations Elaine!!!  Click HERE for video of her CD Release show with the Gatorbone Band.


The Wild Shiners
Newest addition to Gatorbone Records!!  The Wild Shiners (Mike Lagasse, Tom Grant, Tai Welch, Brian Turk and Andrew Cook) released their debut CD at the Florida Folk Festival in White Springs where they were featured performers.  They were also performers this year at The Gamble Rogers Folk Festival in St. Augustine.  Click HERE for a video clip. You can purchase their debut release here. It's a humdinger!

Thank you folks for listening to and supporting these fine artists. Please visit our Gatorbone Records website to see our full roster. More updates forthcoming!!

Lis and Lon

xo xo 

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